GROWMETRY revolutionizes youth sports: enables healthy, age-appropriated trainings, fewer injuries, more fun and more success in sports.

Youth coaches know that two kids - same-aged by calendar - can be at up to +/- 2.5 years of different biological development stages. GROWMETRY instantly shows this difference online.

GROWMETRY allows age-appropriate, healthier trainings and also helps your athlete avoid both excessive and inadequate demands, injuries and maldevelopment.

Why should I use GROWMETRY?

Just register, measure height monthly, enter it online and Growmetry will estimate.

More Protection

Training plans based on biological age meet the requirements of young talents, neither overstrain nor demand too little, and minimize injuries and long-term harm. Junior athletes are geared up for future challenges.


More Solidarity

Biological age in youth sports can avert feelings of athletic inferiority. Competition between same-biologically-aged athletes doesn´t exclude or frustrate smaller ones and prevents their untimely exit from their sports.


Types of Membership

Large organizations with divisions (teams, sections, branches,...)

Structure: Organization -> Divisions -> multiple Coach/Trainer -> multiple Junior Athletes

Medium to small size organizations (one team, one or multiple Coaches)

Structure: Organization -> Coach/Trainer -> multiple Junior Athletes

for Individual, independent Coach/Trainer but also for Individual Athletes trained by Involved Parents

Structure: single Coach/Trainer -> multiple Junior Athletes

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